Genia Consulting Service

Genia Consulting Service will deliver your project by following its entire lifecycle, from concept design to handover, passing through all the necessary procedures in order to deliver the project in accordance with the schedule and costs established with our client. Our services include:

At Genia our Project and Construction Management experts will assist you in every stage of the project and in particular with the aforementioned services. At Genia Consulting our Project Management staff work together with our clients, planning and managing every phase of the project from prelimary studies to design, construction and assistance in coordinating with all the stakeholders involved: Suppliers, Contractors and Control Agencies. We issue regular work-in-progress reports allowing our client to follow every phase of the construction thus permitting them to optimise

the management and control of all interventions necessary to achieve the established objectives; be it for single or multiple projects under construction simultaneously (e.g., wholesale outlets, chain stores,etc.).
Furthermore, Genia Consulting offer their client the possibility to supervise and control all stages of work-in-progress thanks to a Web interface (Internet Portal for the consultation of work-in-progress).
Professional consultation and services can be requested as part of an integrated multidisciplinary offering or as a standalone service.