Project Management

Project Management

Genia Consulting Sevice employ expertise, aptitude, technique and advanced technological instruments to meet our client’s expectations. To this end, Genia Consulting focus on: costs, deadlines and quality. Genia Consulting Service maximise resources, resolve conflicts and operate excellent risk management in every project we undertake.
Organisation of Activities:
• Anlaysis and definition of the objectives and compelling events;
• Works planning in function with the objectives;
• Defining and controlling risks;
• Assessment and planning of the resources;
• Allocation/relocation of the resources;
• Organisation of works procedures;
• Selection of human resources and necessary material;
• Task assignment;
• Direction and coordination of the activities;
• Works-in-progress reports;
• Quality control;
• Problem-solving
• Quality Assurance (reducing non-conformities to the minimum);
• Closure of the project and relocation of the resources.
The activities carried out relate to:
• Drawing up technical/terms of contract specifications;
• Audits c/o Work site or c/o Suppliers or c/o Clients’ Contractors;
• Interventions programming, works scheduling, on-going monitoring of the activities with respect to deadlines and problem solving within the limits of our responsibilities;

• Coordinating Contractors-Suppliers-Works Management;
•Expediting progress procedures (control-request-advisory);
•Expediting supplies (control-request-advisory);
•Expediting works progress (control-request-advisory);
•Continuous monitoring of the works-programme, documents and information flow, data input, budget/spending updates and registration of the data and documentation requested;
•Document compilation and final handover to the client;
•Communicating with the Office of Public Works in order to monitor the progress of bureaucratic procedures relative to the issuing of concessions, permits, Nulla osta and authorisations.


Once Genia Consulting Service have defined the project with our client we can provide all the necessary services for obtaining permission to begin the project.
These services include:
1) Analysis of current urban policies and constraints;
2)Defining the necessary site authorisations;
3)Preliminary meetings with Public Authorities for the issuing of authorisation documents and preparation of documentation in the Client’s name;
4)Presentation of the applications;
5)Monitoring the documentation procedures with eventual integration of others;
6)Reporting to the client on the procedure phases of the applications;
7)Collection of issued documents of authorisation.