Works Management

Works Management involves the supervision and verification of all the project works carried out by Genia Consulting Service, as defined by the executive planning and registered and approved by the official authorities.

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The Works Manager must therefore oversee that all the works are carried out and in accordance with the design specifications.
Works Management guarantees the execution of the following functions:

1) Works Supervision
2) Conformity Analysis
3) Site Management and Work and Safety Regulations
4) Change Control
5) Issueing of Service orders
6) Quantity Surveying


At Genia Consulting Service we care about our clients, employees, contractors and suppliers, therefore health and safety measures are an integral part of our business. Constant research and assiduous monitoring are all

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aimed at promoting activities that augment the efficiency of our projects.
The periodic analysis of our processes, operations and procedures are focused on the assessment of our performance to guaranteeing the conformity with the health and safety regulations in force: our objective is to reduce risk in the work place and while our employees are travelling. We strive to promote, together with our business partners, agreements and behaviour aimed at reducing risks to the workforce.

Construction Management

Genia Consulting Service are specialists in overall planning, coordination and project control, from beginning to completion. Genia Consulting conduct the following management functions:

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1) Objectives specification and planning: constraints; budgeting; planning; performance requirements and selection of business partners;
2) Efficiency maximisation of the resources through contract labour, material and equipment;
3) Expert planning and system design coordination;
4) Structured communications to facilitate collaboration, teamwork and problem-solving.

As Construction Managers, we develop our services exclusively around the interests of our client at every phase of the project. Our consulting services are focused on optimising resources and controlling the work-load. Furthermore, Genia Consulting carry out scheduling programmes, regular assessments of the contracting companies, avoid delays, changes and controversies. Genia Consulting constantly strive to improve planning and construction quality and practice excellent cash flow management.